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Sharing large files over the internet

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Sending large files over the internet can be troublesome. Even to a programmer, this can be a challenge. If the file is too big for email, you usually end up resorting to some web-based large file transfer service. I had a client send me a link to a file he was trying to send me using one of those services and the site was filled with advertising for porn sites. Needless to say, he was a little embarrassed, and said the site didn't used to be like that.


Time Tracking with Google™ Spreadsheets.

Yesterday I published some software that I'm hoping people will like. I'm calling it GTime. It's an application that runs on Adobe® AIR™ and works with Google™ Spreadsheets. It's fairly self explanatory; you login to your Google account, create a new timesheet, and that timesheet will sit on Google's servers as a spreadsheet. GTime features a simple start / pause / stop timer that allows you to easily and accurately track your time (something every time tracking software should have), and it will insert that time record into the Google spreadsheet.

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