Replacement Flex DataGrid


If you've ever built a highly customized project before, using the Flex DataGrid, you'll know how much of a headache it can be.

  • It chokes on sorting 20K or more rows on custom fields like Dates, case-insensitive Strings, or other data types.
  • When you have custom item renderers, you have no easy way of accessing the cell instances.
  • It's nearly impossible to extend or add your own functionality.
  • Editing with it is troublesome and the UI leaves something to be desired.

So I wrote my own.
Check it out: ElfGrid - A replacement DataGrid

It doesn't have all of the features the regular datagrid has. There is no native support for LiveCycle, or horizontal scrolling, but it does almost everything the regular datagrid does, at about a tenth of the size. That means that the ElfGrid is easier to work with, easier to write things for, and less bloat.

So spread the word, if it takes off, I will make plenty of add-ons for it to do some cool things!