Pie Level Creator


This is a level creator I made for the pie game.

If you haven't played the Pie game yet, go here first.
To create a level, select either the Block tool or the Red circle Hunter tool on the left, then click on the stage to place the pieces. When you are finished, click "Test". After you have tested all levels, you can save your campaign. When you save the campaign, it will ask you for a password. Make sure to write this down because there is no way to recover this. Once the campaign is saved, you will be assigned a campaign id. You will need this and the password to load your campaign later for editing.

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try mine 1768

i invented level 22 i made in imposible

My campaign? i just liked creating it.


check this 1 out, it is rather amazing yet so very simple to win, you have been warned of its unknowingly simple solutions...: http://www.nbilyk.com/pie-game-full?id=232

Keep it up, I want someone to make me a campaign that I can't beat!