Virus game


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This game probably would have worked if I weren't on a mac.
Macs don't get blue screens, so It didn't really get me.


I'm guessing the anon who posted today calling everyone "morons" shat himself when he saw it. And for the record "virus game" can mean a lot of things.

I'm lucky; even though I'm using Linux, if the Compiz effects I'm using didn't make the screen come out like a paper airplane, I would almost definitely have fallen for it.

HAHAHAHAHAH shit you got me

That freaked me. Is there any way to hide the fullscreen warning?

can't scare me i run vista im used to this sort of crap. (the same sort of used to you get to horror movies when youve watch millions of em)

That scared the hell out of me I was relieved to see that I could exit full screen though :D
I was expecting something similar to pandemic though

I was hoping it was a puzzle game.

haha, I shat bricks for a second there


that was a good one i have to admit

hehehe, crapped it when it first came up, shame about the "press esc" though... i didnt even notice my other screen was fine, shows how much attention i pay ;-)


That scared the shit out of me.


im a new user to ubuntu, and kinda went "WTF!!!! ITS HERE TO?!??!?!?!?" then i saw the hit escape

lulz me too

good thing i was stumbeling on a virtual win7 install =^_^= nice tho :)

Im running Ubuntu now... because this screen has completely eaten my Windows partition. Good one tho.

I like the fact you used the two most non descript hex codes in the history of BSOD 0x07 and 0x05...annoying if you don't know your pranks and look it up!

I actually got this screen twice last week, wound up removing and reloading damn near everything on my computer.

Then I was stumbling while watching TV.

Saw this, wasn't paying attention. Started it, began weeping.

Hope you're happy!


I have a MacBook and I STILL fell for it. XDDD

Nice job!



When I saw the screen at first I was like


but then I lol'ed

Uh. Running a linux system, and my first reaction was to believe it. Heh. Now to post this somewhere else :)

Having a mac for most of my life has pretty much made me immune to the blue screen. Doesn't freak me out. Sorry

Im on linux :p


almost shit myself

Peed a little too...

If only there was no ...'Press ESC to exit fullscreen' then it would totally trick me....

It scared me even though I am using Linux now.

It just shows how scary that truly is.

Running Ubuntu, didnt even flinch

i totally restarted when it showed up....nice work!

i didnt have a mac


Only if i didn't have 2 screens that would have totally got me.


holy did that talke my by surprize or what

If only the "Hit escape to exit fullscreen" didn't appear -- you could take the world by storm!

I know the truth, you were scared. =-)

as if clicking a link that reads "virus game" wasn't a tip off.......morons....