Flex localization example

Earlier I posted how to do Flash localization. Now it's time for an example of Flex localization. Flex localization is a bit more difficult to do, but it's a lot better done. Follow along with the example attached at the bottom of the post.

This example is for Runtime localization. This means that the resource bundles will be external swf files and will not be compiled into your main application.


Flash Localization Example

Localization, Internationalization, or I18N, whatever you want to call it, is just a way to separate your text from your interface so that it can be translated and/or maintained apart from your application.

There are many benefits to this, even if you never plan on having your application in multiple languages. Localization makes your program more maintainable, easier to update, and more flexible to change.

Here's how to localize your content in Flash. It's a lot easier than you might think!

First, open your strings panel:


Flash garbage collection

The garbage collection in Flash is all done behind the scenes, and it takes some tricks up the sleeve in order to ensure things get garbage collected, and also to check whether things are garbage collected.


Dell Computer 159$

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Web development workflow

For the world to see, here's the tools I use in my every day workflow.

  • Flash development - FDT. FDT is a must have for larger projects and very nice for smaller ones too. It runs off the eclipse platform, and has all the code validation and refactoring tools java and .net programmers are pampered with. (About 500$)


Optimizing Actionscript and your approach to optimizing

This article has simple techniques as well as advanced. Read or skim what best suits you.

The first thing I want to write about is how to decide when and where to optimize something. I've observed that some people care absolutely nothing about optimization as long as the program works, and some people waste altogether way too much time optimizing things that make little to no impact.


drawing and invalidation

The use of invalidating and drawing is important when you have several factors that determine how an object is displayed on the screen, and those factors can change frequently and at any time, but you only want to recalculate the display of that object once per frame (screen render).


Function Limiter Example

An example using the FunctionLimiter class. This class is to limit the frequency of which a function gets called.


Pivot Rotate Example

The PivotRotate utility class allows you to rotate around a pivot point in flash instead of just the 0, 0 point.


Flash Grid Layout Example

This example shows some more of the advanced things you can do with the GridLayout.

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