Web development workflow

For the world to see, here's the tools I use in my every day workflow.

  • Flash development - FDT. FDT is a must have for larger projects and very nice for smaller ones too. It runs off the eclipse platform, and has all the code validation and refactoring tools java and .net programmers are pampered with. (About 500$)
  • Drupal and wordpress. I don't want to start a drupal vs wordpress debate at the moment, they're both awesome, and they both have different strengths. (Open source)
  • Dreamhost. A dirt cheap web host that gives you a ton of features and control. Great value, I'd recommend it for small to medium sites, but it doesn't have the reliability or speed I'd require for a large or enterprise site. (6-12$ / mo, depending on the contract commitment)
  • Open Office Better than Microsoft office, works with Microsoft documents, more stable, less bloated, and it's free!
  • Tortoise SVN I don't know how I ever lived without Subversion.
  • Assembla They're pretty good for free subversion and Trac. I recently switched away from them and now use Dreamhost subversion because they had a server explode last month.

I don't really have a good reason why I want to list things I like and dislike, but I'm doing it anyway, isn't that what people are supposed to do on blogs?

I use Windows XP, Vista is too naggy, bloated, and design oriented for me to ever want to switch to it. I like Dell and Lenovo computers. I hate cell phones. I like VoIP phones. I've tried several.
Comparisons between VoIP phones I've tried.

Brand Quality Customer service Price Overall Value Comments
Vonage 10 10 7 9 Good service, but overpriced.
Sunrocket 9 9 10 -- Now out of business.
Packet8 0 0 0 0 Terrible terrible company, they ripped me off 200$, their service didn't work at all, it took weeks to get a hold of a real person, and now I had to block their phone number because they telemarket my house sometimes up to three times a day!
VOIP 8 8 9 8 A good service. That's what I'm using now, I'm moderately pleased with them, although they sent me a Brittish power transformer instead of an American one.

There, it's official. I blog.