Adobe sucks


I've been a flash developer ever since Macromedia bought Flash from FutureSplash. When Adobe took it over after Flash 8, CS3 and CS4 has brought some great things, and brought some colossal headaches.
Things they've done right:

  • Actionscript 3.0
  • Tight integration with design tools. (Creative Suite)
  • Flash player improvements

Things they've done wrong:

  • IDE is more bloated, and harder to work with
  • Motion editor
  • More focus toward bells and whistles than a solid product. They know that people oooh and aaah when they see things like Inverse Kinematics and pseudo-3d in the IDE. I'll admit, they're cool, but I'd rather see practical things given more attention like a better interface, web-services, and a good motion editor.

The flash 8 IDE was lightweight, easy to use, and animation with it was a breeze. Two iterations later with CS4 we've got these snapping, transparent panels that you could spend an hour just getting everything in the places you want them. 1600x1200 resolution isn't enough to not feel claustrophobic in the interface, the motion editor is so clunky that you need to give that half your space, the timeline a fourth, and then you won't have enough room for your actual stage.

Which would you rather see? New features, or bug fixes?

Hey found this looking for "Adobe Sucks" as I go through another install because they can't write an updater (makes me wonder if their "copy protection" was responsible for some previous problems on my computer). My pain begins in CS3 where strange things start happening when I've had Photoshop open overnight. Upgrade is always the answer, well that and no big interest in supporting old versions. I finally get an OK to get CS4 and think to myself that I'm gonna be so thrilled with all the new features and surely there will be stability improvements and oh, this is gonna be the best. PUKE. The stupid thing can't update itself, they all fail with the ever so informative "Update failed" message. WOW, that is just morally enlightening. Amazing piece of work there - "Update failed". Incredible. So, contact support, via e-mail cause you know I have to work during the day. Get the uber-broilerplate response of delete several files, try again, if that still doesn't work, reinstall. Neat. I delete all their files, "Update failed". OK, uninstall. Hmmmmmmmm. Clicking on uninstall gives me a dialog that says "Preparing to..." something, I don't recall anymore because the little bar goes half way and then quits. The dialog disappears and nothing happens. Must be the same brain child that came up with "Update failed". Reboot the computer, maybe that's it. Nope. Turn off antivirus. Nope. Reboot again. Nope. So, get the lovely CleanScript. Yeaaaah, now my programs and features thing in Vista has 40 Adobe items in it and none of them can be uninstalled. Neat. Jerks. I think I'm more pissed because I should have just asked for the money for CS4 as a bonus instead of spending it on crap that costs me hours.

Anyway, bottom line, it would be nice if they would quit adding features until they have something that actually works.

I'll probably hear about this later, but I do not like the state of Flash today. It's not good for those working inside and in association with Flash.

Time to start learning Silverlight, you'll be WAY happier in the long run.

I disagree. Silverlight is its own world of suck. I just want Adobe to, instead of piling on the "features", focus on improving and optimizing what they have.
I'm not going to get started on a Silverlight vs Flash debate because in my opinion, Silverlight has so far to go that they're not even worth comparing.

Whats wrong with using standard web technologies, instead of plugins.
With HTML 5, this is starting to get much better than making all of our customers install plugins.

I personally hate flash, but when I got the "Do you want to install Silverlight" dialog I screamed "GOD, NOT ANOTHER PLUGIN!"

Flash was great even as a plugin before, but not so much now. A good point made on the existing strength of web techologies.

Plugins like flash player are not the answer possibly. Flash, I understand is not managed well, software implementation nor communication in that community. HTML 5 though has kept their process much more simple, and recently is becoming very powerful as a web technology with impressive capabilities for graphics, animation, text, etc.

I'm not sure I'm convinced as of recent, that Flash is the answer especially when it comes to the browser. Maybe Flash's ways are not practical, or they are not thinking enough about their users. If they thought in more detail about the people involved maybe things would be different....very very different.

Keep in mind I'm far from being an expert... Nevertheless, HTML 5 is very strong and impressive when considering the growth of the web.

Same experience for me. Trying to find a suitable place to rant about ADOBE DESTROYING MACROMEDIA!! Flash and Fireworks were SO MUCH BETTER before Adobe got their grubby little hands on them. Don't get me wrong, I liked Photoshop, but THEY KILLED MACROMEDIA. Everytime I use Fireworks all I get is a STUPID HAND CURSOR that I can't do anything with. Then I open up Flash to create animations and I CAN'T EVEN DRAW ANYTHING WITHOUT THE TOOLS ALL DISAPPEARING AND THE PROGRAM FLIPPING OUT. I knew something bad was going to happen when I heard the news and SURE ENOUGH, my favorite, most reliable tools have been completely destroyed. And while I'm at it, SCREW YOU VISTA. My old laptop crashed because of a Windows update entitled 'Genuine Advantages.' YEAH REAL ADVANTAGEOUS THAT MY COMPUTER UNEXPECTEDLY SHUT DOWN DURING THE UPDATE BECAUSE IT TOLD ME I COULD KEEP WORKING DURING THE LONG, EXTENSIVE UPDATE. So screw you VISTA, screw you ADOBE, and screw whoever else is FIXING WHAT WAS NOT BROKEN IN THE FIRST PLACE.

Ive been using flash ever since version 5 (just as a hobby) but let me tell you ever since Adobe took over macromedia it has sucked. They took a good product and trashed it. Flash 8 was the last good release it felt like Christmas every time i opened that sucker up and now i dread working on projects in cs3 or cs4. Its almost like clicking a pdf link you just know it will stall or crash your browser.

Its not just that though they rearranged everything and made it impossible to code within the IDE why even have it? why not just make it pure scripting with a compiler and you can photoshop sprites. haha hell why not make developers compile it themselves? Wait better yet why not just point users to Java? so stupid.


When Adobe took over Macromedia, the first thing I thought was, oh crap, they are going to make flash as bloated as photoshop is. And then they did. I love Flash and Flex, I love what they can produce, but the Flash IDE is just awful to use. I've always had up-to-date computers but Adobe products have always been clunky to use. Even Acrobat reader is enormous!
For programming, I don't think Adobe cares at all about programming within the Flash IDE, I think they've given up on that. Personally, I wouldn't whine too much if they completely removed the actionscript editor from Flash and instead just allowed you to put simple frame actions on frames. (stop, play, gotoAndPlay). Use Flex Builder, Eclipse + FDT, or FlashDevelop to code
Flash 8 and earlier were amazing, things were intuitive, loaded quickly, and everything was light-weight. Now Flash CS3 and CS4 are so bloated that I have pretty much been avoiding all design and animation work for a long time.

I'm not fond of the FP product either or how it was implemented, or even how the in internal devs are treated. I wish my comments could be more useful. Sorry.

I'd have to say I support the previous 2 comments. I'm not sure what is going on in the land of Flash at the exact moment but hope it's a good change for the better. It's possible to turn around a really old product ( software years), but only if people do the right thing in creating the product.(flash)


I am a professional graphic designer for a company with over 25+ designers.

Adobe CS4 is not stable, crashes daily and is a big disappointment!

Good Morning,

I ended up here because I entered Adobe Sucks in a search engine.

Your rant brought the same pictures to my mind of, "why is Adobe insisting on shooting its customers in the foot, when (imo) it should be the other way around?", as I read your perspective, and, like you, am fond of Flash, since its beginnings.

I'm on a Mac and recently moved from PPC to Intel and have been trying to get disks of, my bought and paid for, CS4 since October... for a job that was supposed to be done by the first of November, and don't have a clue as to where I stand in this process

I'm older and have to keep an eye on my blood pressure, so I apply a rule in order to maintain my health that is based on, "Don't Get Even, Get Odd" and my Rant is titled:

Held Hostage by Abu Doobie Obstification Bloated Software & Torture Ink and located here:

In case this post is accepted, and becomes part of an archive, this will be the future permanent link for that rant.

In the end, I would hope all our problems are corrected... especially the Macromedia based ones.

Thank You for your space, Sprung

And "Clean..." option. WTF is clean? Why the heck I need run clean when I update my project from SVN? Isn't FB smart enough to check last modification dates on files? Or fantasic errors coming from advanced data grid.
Sth like:

"Cannot set value on null property ... G:\blahblahblah\" And I don't have drive G...

Clean will delete your files in the build directories and re-create them. I have no idea what's going on with the phantom G drive thing though :)

SVN with FlexBuilder is another rant in itself. I have to make sure to set svn ignore on my html-template and bin directories, otherwise FB copies the .svn files to the bins. Even if I have the option "Copy non-embedded files to output folder" unchecked.

Well I think Adobe is listening, I've been seeing a lot of gripes over Flex Builder surface lately.

As for that particular error, I've seen that occur when the target swf file is in read-only mode (e.g. it got checked into a source code management system that changed it's property), and Flex Builder is unable to write over it. Though it'd be nice if it actually said that's what the problem is.

Amen. Countless days were lost trying to build applications with bloated software that runs like a dog.

Keep in mind though - Often it may not be Flash CS4 itself, but the fla file you are working with in particular.
I work with flash on a daily basis, and I can say that I do not experience this.
I do hear similar stories from mac users using CS3, but im a windows guy so i can't speak to that.