Kinetic scrolling example


I've seen several kinetic scrollers out there before, but I've found them to be too buggy to use in my projects. Here's mine, use it however you want, just keep the attribution in the source please.

To use, click and drag anywhere in the text or image. The KineticScrollManager is independent of the scroll bars, so you can set the horizontalScrollPolicy and verticalScrollPolicy to off if you'd like. (Flex 3) (Flex4)

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This site requires the Flash player to display correctly. Go to to download this plugin.

How can I use this in non-flex projects i.e flash cs5.5 + AS3 and I want to do vertical scroll a list of thumbnails.. Any demo files?

How do you use this with the List Component in Flash CS5? Is there a .fla demo available?


I don't think you can because the List component isn't smooth scrolling.

So i got a working example by compiling an air project, without any parsing errors. But if i try to create a release build, flash builder 4 tells me that there are some errors... is there something to mind?

But how to use it with e.g. an spark list object? The compiler can't transfer the list object to an viewport. Is there any way to use it with a list?

I have a new flex 4 version in my nbflexlib library. Go to the google code site (, go to flex4, and find the KineticScrollManager within the flex4 lib.

Hey very cool script, unfortunatly if i want to move a canvas with clickable objects in it, flex makes obviously no difference between clicking and mouseup (after scrolling) cause its on the same position relative to the clickable object.

Are there any workarounds?

Yes actually. The class I have posted within the example is old, if you go to nbflexlib ( There is a newer version that ignores mouse actions when you're dragging. (There is also a Flex 4 version as well)

You wouldn't want to make text selectable because a kinetic drag or toss would be the same mouse action as a text select.

Very nice work! the kinetic scrolling is very smooth - excellent work!

Very nice, I like the feel of the scrolling =)

I like this, I had no idea kinetic scrollers were so easy to put into your own website. You drupal developer are pure genius. Jerry

Thanks it was very usefull. I just transformed this to java and works great!

It isn't working when I use Datagrid, even if I wrap it inside a Canvas.

I like the feel of your kinetic class, tho, I was hoping I could find something that would work on a Datagrid as well..