Make scrolling in flash not scroll in browser

I found a great article I thought I'd share:

It's how to prevent your browser from scrolling when you are scrolling with flash content.

I fixed a minor bug and made it as a js file, so to use it, just download the js file (remove the .txt) and add this to your html code.

  <script type="text/javascript" src="hookMouseWheel.js"></script>

Easy enough?

hookMouseWheel.js.txt1.01 KB

The js does not work for me. Am I doing something incorrect? Dy default the flash and browser scroll work but flash scrolling is not consistent. If I put the js file, the flash scrolling stops and does not work.

thanks that helped me out big time.. searched for this quite long
simple but great solution

One alternative, depending on context, would be swfforcesize.

I've used that for my projects. An ExternalInterface call to the js function setForceSizes on the swf resize.

Nice captcha by the way :P