Layout Managers Example

Download the source, study the example, use the layout managers free of charge, just keep the copyright and the GNU license in tact.

For an example on how to use fixed sizes and percentage based rows/cols for the GridLayoutManager, click here.

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Thanks a lot for this it's just what I was after.

Somethings is a little messed up when you try to add a mask to the grid in runtime.

this.mask = myMaskMovieClip;

"this" beeing the movieclip where you draw your grid to. The mask movieclip maskes out the right part of the background, but non of the items in the grid is affected. Any ideas?

Please forgive me.
It had nothing to do with layout manager after all!!
Please delete the previous message (the one about LM and TextField) and this message.


Hi, i have a problem in AS3.

I have a MovieClip with attached TextField. I want this MC to act as button, so i set the following in the constactor:
this.buttonMode = true;
this.mouseChildren = false;

This work fine, i get the desired behafior which is to see a hand cursor over my MC.
But when i add this mc to a FlowLayout_3_0 using
my textfiend doen't show the hand curser anymore. It behaves as if i had forgot to set mouseChildren = false to it's parrent, alhtough i verified that it's indded false.
I know that LM causes that but i don't know why. Any ideas?

By the way, thanks for this amizing work.

this was exactly what I needed! thank you so much!