Moga Review


At E3 today I got my hands on a MOGA. This is a gamepad device for Android phones or tablets. I've opened it up to give it a whirl.

Looking at the packaging I was a little worried that it would be one of those anti-theft blister packs that are impossible to get open without the jaws of life, but fortunately this wasn't the case. I slid the device out easily, and as I usually do, toss any pamphlets or instructions aside and start mashing buttons.

The Moga almost passes my "I'm-illiterate" test. I was able to figure out how to add the AAA batteries (not included) into the device, and was just a little confused about the power button. The red power-button-like thing isn't actually the power button switch, the actual switch is at the bottom once you open the phone cradle. Once I was able to turn the device on, I tried pairing it to my phone, which worked, but at that point I didn't know how to play any games with it. After mashing buttons a while I decided to try out my readin' skills. I'm in luck! There's a QR code, maybe I won't have to read after all. I take a picture of the code, my phone brings me to a google play url, where I download the app the moga uses.

The app is intuitive enough, it gives you a list of your games that are "moga enhanced", which of all my games, only one already was, but they give you Pac Man and Sonic for free.

After playing for a while, the non-pro moga felt pretty good. About on par with a wii controller, but not as solid as playstation or xbox one. It connects and disconnects easily and quickly, no complaints there. I've experimented in the past connecting a wiimote to the phone, and the moga is much better.

The standard version does fit in your pocket, if you're a guy and have big pockets. It comes with a leather case.