Nexus 7 Debugging in Windows 7

To get your nexus 7 to work with debugging in windows 7,

1. Enable debug mode on your Nexus 7. To do this, go to Settings, Developer options, and check Enable Debug mode.

2. Plug in the device via USB to your computer.

3. Slide down the notifications bar and Click the notification that says "Connected as a media device"

4. Select Camera (PTP)

5. After switching to PTP, windows will see the Nexus 7 as an unknown device in device manager. Select it and choose the naked universal driver you can get here:

Android 4.2.2 has updated their security around debugging applications. If your device has 4.2.2 you must update your android SDK. To my knowledge this means that if you are using Adobe Flash for AIR on Android, you're shit out of luck until Adobe comes out with an update. If anybody knows a workaround to this, I'd appreciate it.

I've just discovered the workaround. I can't remember every step, but here we go:

Download and install Nexus 7 Toolkit:

When you run it, 4.2.2 won't be available, yet. Choose 4.2.1. To get the latest version of this software, you're going to have to donate (one of the options in the main menu). I did 5 GBP ($7 and change). Once you do that, you'll be able to download the update for 4.2.2.

Once all of that is done, using the toolkit, install the device drivers (option 1 in the main menu).

Then, publish your AIR application in Flash, embedding the AIR runtime with application. (Don't try to install directly to the device in the Publish screen.)

Copy your .APK, .SWF, and .XML files to the "put_apks_to_install_here" folder.

In the Toolkit Main Menu, choose "Install apk's to Device". Follow the directions to install, and you're good to go.

I just tested my test application, and it works perfectly!

To access developers options you must first enable it. Settings>about phone>build number (tap 7 times)