Pie Game Mobile!

I just posted the Pie Game to the android marketplace and the blackberry marketplace. I made it in response to blackberry's offer of giving away free Playbook tablets to developers that submit applications to their marketplace.

If you haven't heard of it:

The steps were pretty simple for AIR.

  1. Download Flash Builder Burrito
  2. Download the AIR SDK for Blackberry
  3. Apply to the Vendor portal for Blackberry (This can be done before, during, or after you create your application). For an individual, RIM will send you a proof of identity statement you will need notarized. You can do this at a lot of places for a dollar. I went to UPS across the street.
  4. Create your application (It has to be something more than a single function app, like a graphic or link).
  5. Submit your application once they've approved your account. It took about 2 days for them to do that once I emailed them the proof of identication form.

All in all the pie game was created in two sets of weekends. The first weekend was originally for a 4k game contest, where it was created in under 4 kilobytes. And now for the playbook offer it's a Flex AIR app, now about 1,200 kilobytes, but now on Mobile devices! And it has new features, like cooler graphics and the ability to save, and a second campaign set.

So make an app and get an awesome new toy. It could take you less than a weekend and you'll have fun making it.