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Artificial Intelligence

I've had artificial intelligence on my mind a lot lately. I feel that true AI is something on the near horizon and I think that it's an important thing to understand in the decades to come.

Before I start, I'd like to say that I am a programmer, not a scientist. My thoughts come from a place of logic and experience, but there is no scientific rigor behind the things I say.


Indie Pig

For the next couple of years, I'm taking a break from freelancing and putting my energies into making a game.

nbilyk.com may quite become stale, especially with the disembarkation of Adobe Flash, but I will try to chronicle my follies on my new site: http://indiepig.com

I'm currently about one month into development, and I will be posting about it soon on indiepig!

http://indiepig.com Bookmark it!


Signals for Dart

I've been experimenting with Dart, trying to get my feet wet, and I just recently published my first Dart library!


In ActionScript world I use as3 signals everywhere and moving to Dart I felt lost without it, so I decided to make a custom implementation of it for Dart.


Which Technology is Best?

Over the last couple of decades, software development has very often been a constant debate of, "What technology is best?". By technology I mean the software tools, language, and medium with which you provide your software to your target audience.
To answer that overloaded question, we first need to understand the goals and current resources.

Customer questions:
Who is the customer?
What platforms do they have? (Windows, Mac, Android, iOS, XBox?)
What software do they already have? (Chrome, IE, FireFox, Flash, Unity, SilverLight?)

Designer questions:


Moga Review

At E3 today I got my hands on a MOGA. This is a gamepad device for Android phones or tablets. I've opened it up to give it a whirl.


Is Flash dead?

I've been developing software on the web for 15 years now, using a lot of technologies to satisfy the needs of an N-tiered application. I have a lot of experience in Flash, JavaScript, HTML, & CSS for the front-end, PHP, Java, C#, and ColdFusion for the back-end, and MySQL and PostgreSQL for database persistence. I'm saying this not to be the hero in my own story, but because I want it to be clear that I do not have a religion, I do not love any technology because "that's what I grew up believing". Each language and platform has their own pros and cons.


Logic tables

When you have one condition dependent on several other variable conditions, it helps to create a logic table in order to keep your code clean and race-condition free.
The conventional definition of a logic (or truth) table is just a grid defining your inputs and expected outputs. For the purposes of programming, your logic table doesn't need to be a grid that grows based on the number of permutations, it could be a sequence of conditionals, but either way, you should represent your inputs and outputs in a single function.



Nexus 7 Debugging in Windows 7

To get your nexus 7 to work with debugging in windows 7,

1. Enable debug mode on your Nexus 7. To do this, go to Settings, Developer options, and check Enable Debug mode.

2. Plug in the device via USB to your computer.

3. Slide down the notifications bar and Click the notification that says "Connected as a media device"

4. Select Camera (PTP)


wmode direct

Flash used to have a major vertical tearing problem, which seems to have gone away. I'm posting this so I can experiment with different machines to see if Adobe improved something, or if machines have gotten better and the problem went away on its own.

Basically the reproduction was that if you animated a vertical bar across the screen, it would tear heavily as it animated.

or in air:




Adobe Cirrus

For my Cirrus Flex Camp presentation on Monday, here are links to the things we will be covering:

Cirrus Developer Key:



Direct Routing:

Multicast Streaming:

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